Hell Hound Music Interview December 2012

Hell Hound Music Interview December 2012

Jan 08


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HHM – First off, what is Wedlock, I mean, to you?

Wedlock – With me, it was just a matter of finding the one word that flew in the face of Bush’s really bad idea for a Constitutional amendment. My way of saying any two human beings should be able to demonstrate what “Wedlock” is. I think we (w/ Dave from Praxis designs) really nailed down the whole concept.The logo exemplifies the meaning pretty well. The band name could have been “This Is Wedlock” and it might have been better; but I’m a big fan of one word titles.

HHM – When asked, how to best explain to other potential fans the overall message of Wedlock?

Wedlock – To my ears it’s electro, indie synth pop, with some left-leaning ideas mixed in. I have heard some people put us into an R&B/Soul/Funk category too, but only by a little bit. I honestly think there’s an ulterior motive when certain people do that, though.

HHM – Since 2006, you have been ridiculously busy cranking out recordings. How do you find that kind of time to record?

Wedlock – Being involved in something creative is what I love doing most of all. It doesn’t matter in what way,really, but my proclivity just leans toward words in general. If it’s not a song, it’s a novel or a script.

HHM – Do you find it difficult to get inspired to write different and unique material?

Wedlock – Sometimes I will get a mild case of writer’s block, but only in the one area where I am trying too hard. Somebody told me a long time ago as long as you’re alive there’s always something to write about, and that’s proving to be true.

HHM – In the formation of a track, what’s the process like for you? Where does it get its beginning?

Wedlock – Something as simple as a sound triggers it. An entire synth line or whatever doesn’t even have to be worked out to make something out of it.

HHM – Once you have an idea, does it tend to change a lot from the original inception?

Wedlock – Listening to some of the demos versus what gets released, yes, as you’re changing things up to better suit what you’re doing. Even after it’s released sometimes you’re still writing it.


HHM – I do have to ask, because I’ve never heard it before…”bisexually themed”. Would you care to elaborate on that a bit?

Wedlock – That phrase came in part from another music critic when they reviewed one of our tracks “Cuts Both Ways.” I got inspired to write that song from being in sexually mixed clubs overseas.

HHM – There have been several members changes over the years, do you feel like that has helped the project or held it back?

Wedlock – Your continuity gets interrupted when people leave for whatever reason, but if you’re the one constant, the only person holding things back is you, and unless you just don’t want to continue, what else is really stopping you? I look at former band mates as something I’ve experienced to be at this point now.They are doing whatever they are doing, and so am I. Outside of our contract, there’s nothing forcing Wade or Kay to stay, and I’ve zero interest in trying to make music with somebody who doesn’t want to make music with me.

HHM – Anything new and exciting you’d like to share? tracks, new mixes etc

Wedlock – There’s another Celadon Candy coming out w/ some remixes and extra tracks.I’m working w/ Jorge Rangel on that.

HHM – Can you explain why you are also known as 105 Deckowls as well?

Wedlock – There’s another artist based in The Netherlands that used to go under “Wedlock” as one of his numerous aliases. Wedlock is trademarked here in North America, but out of respect and to avoid confusion, we just go by 105 Deckowls outside of that.It’s basically an anagram of the name, and Kay put that 105 there because once she saw a bunch of owls congregated together. I’ve never seen more than one at a time.

HHM – You took a hiatus in 2010, what happened to make you take a break?

Wedlock – Well, I took a small break from Wedlock, and formed Celadon Candy. That first incarnation lasted for 2 Eps, and really before it was finished I was back recording Wedlock material again.

HHM – What are the future plans for Wedlock?

Wedlock – Another studio release, and playing out more frequently.


Interview by: DaveHHM – Hellhound Music



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Tree Thugger Article w/Paul Allgood

Tree Thugger Article w/Paul Allgood

Oct 18

Artist Spotlight

by Wedlock Band Info

October 14, 2012 Spotlight: Wedlock May Have A Changing Lineup But Their Synth Beats Maintain

Fronted by Paul Allgood, Wedlock is an electro-pop musical outfit based in North Carolina. Channeling
a sonic-palette that is reminiscent of 80′s synth heavy Top 40 groups mixed with airy R&B vocals,
Wedlock has been pumping out releases since circa 2007. For the most part, each album has featured a different cast of players minus the constant presence of Allgood and his crafty lyrical stylings. When Chuck Taylor from Billboard wrote about ‘Exogamy’ back in 2008 he said that “Wedlock brings a contemporary edge to a beloved decades-old musical stencil throughout ‘Exogamy‘ in which synths
continue to rule the day.” We fully agree, this album sounds like nothing else being made in 2008- and
for us, that’s a good thing! Again, Billboard’s Chuck Taylor insightfully wrote about Wedlock in 2009 saying that “Wedlock pays
homage to the heroes and innovators of British synthesizer pop across ‘Continuity‘, alongside all the
fury and fervor of that era’s Siouxsie and the Banshees” Its an interesting comparison that he makes
there- frankly we don’t see the Siouxsie and the Banshees comparison at all. If anything its more
reminiscent of Silent Circle meets Bruce Hornsby. With the changing lineups over the years it has been a while since Wedlock has released any new material. Releasing the ‘Witnesses’ EP at the end of the summer of 2010, Paul Allgood and his players
decided to part ways one again which was a bummer because the vocal pairing with Paul and Bryanna
Rain on this album was amazingly well suited. The Witnesses EP was also the most progressive album
to date and we are intrigued about the rumors of Allgood getting his band reformed and touring soon.
Since the release of the ‘Witnesses EP’, Allgood acted as Executive Producer of ”The Blameless EP”
by Bryanna Rain and was in another electronic pop outfit called Celadon Candy. Wedlock does have a
new album slated for release soon. Titled ‘Amalgamy, this new collection of tracks will be released on
Exquisite Noise. As long as Paul Allgood and his newly formed group can embrace a few changes and
keep a lineup intact we would love to hear what is next for this group.
Keep in touch with the band via their website or their Twitter account.



Apr 13

Wedlock is also currently working on new material for the album release, Reconciled.



Sep 24
Wedlock Witnesses

Artwork:Eric Njoroge

In many respects, North Carolina’s Wedlock is a band displaced in time and genre. The band’s latest release, Witnesses, evokes sounds akin to Nine Inch Nails sans the brooding thralldom or Ministry before they discovered metal guitars. On one hand, Wedlock embraces electronic pop-rock rooted in the late 1980s without the sterility or goth-affected industrial languish.
However, it also bears the good-natured danceability associated with the 1990s era of electronica. You could call Wedlock a throwback band, to a time when Moby, Orbital and La Bouche ruled the earth. Pop-friendly vocals. Yet grinding beneath it all, Wedlock wields an ambient, mischievous air of experimentalism that really hasn’t existed in electronic music since Art of Noise.
The vocals complement the songwriting style classically, as the singer bears a resonating tone that blends the heartfelt sincerity of Simon Le Bon with the calculated emotion of Peter Gabriel. “ST,” which features Bryanna Rain, plunges further into Gabriel’s realm, bearing a spatial narrative construction that would not have been out of place on his 2002 Up album.
Whether or not there is room in the 21st Century for this kind of music is completely up for debate. But I can say this about Wedlock – the band performs with an earnest belief in its craft. And it is that authenticity that pulls the band away from the cookie cutter, crank ‘em out, pop rubbish that has plagued the air waves for years. So if you are a fan of electronic music with a fun, kinetic energy, then Wedlock definitely has something to offer.

Witnesses EP

Witnesses EP

Aug 28

Witnesses EP NOW on iTunes

                                                              Octagonal(A.D.’s A Star)
                                                          ST(feat.Bryanna Rain)
                                                They Really Never Allowed It To Work

Bryanna Rain-Blameless(Beatguild Is To Blame Video Mix)

Bryanna Rain-Blameless(Beatguild Is To Blame Video Mix)

Jul 03

Directed by George Djaniantswww.georgedjaniants.info
Assisted by:Eric Enjoroge
Screenplay”G.Djaniants, Paul Allgood
“Blameless” written by:P.Allgood/B.Smith/L.Whitsel-BMI
Remixed by The Beatguild
From The Blameless Ep
Available on Amazon&iTunes
©2010 Kounterfeit Records

CDInsight.com – News: Wedlock’s “Continuity”

CDInsight.com – News: Wedlock’s “Continuity”

Jun 18

Very nice review on CDInsight by Canadian contributor Cristen Kleindienst on Wedlock’s Continuity. “The Witnesses Ep”
is going to be the next release.

CDInsight.com – News: Wedlock’s “Continuity”

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